Peptide Linking and Oligo Synthesis Products

Solulink applies its proprietary linker technology to peptide conjugation for linking peptides to any biomolecule or surface to improve purification, detection, delivery, or targeting. Peptides are short amino acid sequences that typically function as hormones and signaling molecules in vivo. Peptides have been used in biotechnology in the following applications:

  • Epitope tags - For protein purification and detection
  • Cell penetrating peptides – For delivery of proteins, nucleic acids, siRNAs, or drugs into the cytoplasm of cells
  • Therapeutic peptides – Attached to biomolecules to improve their therapeutic potential and offer disease-specific targeting

 Download Paper: “A New Generation of Peptide Conjugation Products”

Solulink’s PepLink™ Linkable peptides are pre-activated with Solulink’s HyNic linker and can be readily conjugated to biomolecules, carriers, or surfaces modified with the 4FB linker. Solulink also supplies the HyNic linker in formats that can be easily conjugated to your peptide of interest.

Solulink’s proprietary linker technology is based on the use of two complementary heterobifunctional linkers:  

  • S-HyNic (succinimidyl-6-hydrazino-nicotinamide) linker is added to peptides at the N‐ or C‐terminus or internally during solid phase synthesis or purchased pre-linked as a PepLink Linkable Peptide. Alternatively, Solulink also supplies the HyNic linker in formats that can be easily conjugated to your peptide of interest.
  • S-4FB (succinimidyl-4-formylbenzamide) linker is conjugated to proteins, oligos, or surfaces with a 4FB reagent.
  • HyNic-modified peptide is incubated with the 4FB-modified biomolecule or surface to form the conjugate.

The result is a peptide-biomolecule conjugate with a UV-traceable, stable bond (bis-arylhydrazone) with a measurable absorbance at 354 nm. 



  • Simple – Conjugation and immobilization is accomplished by simply adding the HyNic-peptide to the 4FB biomolecule or surface
  • Flexible - HyNic linker can be incorporated on N-terminus, internally, or C-terminus
  • Specificity – HyNic-peptides link only to 4FB-modified biomolecules
  • Rapid and Efficient - Conjugation and immobilization is stoichiometrically efficient
  • Quantifiable – Conjugate bond is UV-traceable for simple and direct quantification
  • Cleavable Options  – HyNic-peptides can be conjugated to proteins, oligonucleotides, and carbohydrates with cleavable and non-cleavable 4FB-linkers

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PepLink Linkable Peptides (HyNic-modified peptides)

    • PepLink Epitope Tags: 
      • His6 Tag-HyNic (Cat. Nos. SP-E001-005 and SP-E001-010)

    S-HyNic Peptide Incorporation

      • 6 BOC-HNA (Cat. Nos. S-3003-100 and S-3003-500)
      • 6 FMOC Lysine (Cat. No. S-3034-500)

    4FB-modified Reagents

      • NanoLink™ 4FB Magnetic Beads 0.8 mm (Cat. No. M-1001-010)
      • A4FB Phosphoramidite (Cat. No. S-1013-250)
      • Sulfo-S-4FB Crosslinker (Cat. Nos. S-1008-105 and S-1008-025)
      • S-4FB Crosslinker (Cat. Nos. S-1004-105 and S-1004-010)
      • C6-S-4FB Crosslinker (Cat. No. S-1007-105)
      • S-SS-4FB Cleavable Crosslinker (Cat. No. S-1037-010)
      • PEG4/PFB Long Chain Crosslinker (Cat. No. S-1034-010)
    Cat. No. Product Name Size Price
    S-3003-500 6 BOC HNA (6-BOC-hydrazinonicotinic acid) 500 mg $483.00
    SP-E001-005 6xHis Tag-HyNic 0.5 mg $215.00
    SP-E001-010 6xHis Tag-HyNic 1.0 mg $341.00
    S-1013-250 A4FB-Phosphoramidite 250 mg $399.00
    S-1013-1000 A4FB-Phosphoramidite 1,000 mg $1,082.00