HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit

No chromatography required

Solulink’s HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit offers an innovative TurboLink™ catalyzed conjugation based on Solulink’s proprietary linking technology that delivers 100% conversion of antibody to conjugate and novel purification that generates a conjugate free of unlabeled antibody or enzyme at a high final yield of >50%, without HPLC. The kit includes everything needed to make direct-labeled two HRP-antibody conjugates from 100 µg of any user-supplied antibody.

Workflow Diagram
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 Download White Paper: How to Prepare High-Quality HRP Conjugates

How it works
Solulink’s proprietary linking technology is based on the use of two complementary heterobifunctional linkers:  

  • S-HyNic (succinimidyl-6-hydrazino-nicotinamide) linker, an NHS-ester, reacts with lysine residues, incorporating HyNic functional groups (hydrazinonicotinamide) onto the antibody.
  • Sulfo-S-4FB (sulfo-N-succinimidyl-4-formylbenzamide) linker is conjugated to HRP, providing a pre-activated, high-activity HRP called 4FB-HRP.
  • HyNic-modified antibody is incubated with pre-activated 4FB-HRP in the presence of the TurboLink™ catalyst, aniline, leading to rapid and efficient conversion of the antibody to conjugate through formation of stable bis-arylhydrazone bonds.

Catalyzed conjugation. Novel purification.
The efficiency of catalyzed conjugation greatly simplifies conjugate purification. Solulink’s proprietary linking technology is catalyzed by the TurboLink™ catalyst, aniline, under mild reaction conditions, increasing the rate and efficiency, leading to quantitative conversion of free antibody to conjugate. The complete absence of free antibody at the end of the catalyzed reaction leaves only two components; excess HRP and conjugate. After conjugation, a novel Q spin filter is used that quantitatively removes excess HRP to provide high-purity, ready-to-use conjugate.Purified conjugate is then eluted from the filter membrane, free of residual antibody and HRP in high yield (50–70 μg).

HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit Advantages

  • Higher signal – from better incorporation rate
  • Catalyzed Conjugation – Fast catalyzed method generates conjugates in just over 5 hr
  • Quantifiable – Conjugate bond is UV-traceable for simple and direct quantification
  • High Purity – Novel spin-column purification columns deliver 100% purified conjugates
  • Gentle – Amine-reactive chemistry leaves antibodies intact - no reducing reagents
  • Easy-to-Use – Protocols and calculators provided to determine MSR
  • Versatile – Compatible with western, ELISA, or IHC applications
  • Efficient – 100% conversion with 50–70% yields

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