Fluorescein One-Shot Antibody Labeling Kit

Cat.No.: F-9001-009K
Size: Kit - Labels 2 x 100 ug of Ab
Price: $252.00


No chromatography required
Solulink's Fluorescein Antibody Conjugation Kit offers an efficient method that delivers greater than 95% conversion of antibody to conjugate. The kit includes everything needed to make two direct-labeled fluorescein-antibody conjugates from 100 µg of any user-supplied antibody.

Fluorescein-Antibody Conjugation Kit Advantages

Workflow Diagram
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  • Fast – Method generates conjugates in just 90 min
  • High Purity – Easy spin-column purification columns deliver highly purified conjugates
  • Gentle – Amine-reactive chemistry leaves antibodies intact - no reducing reagents
  • Easy-to-Use – Protocols and calculators provided to determine MSR
  • Versatile – Compatible with western, ELISA, or IHC applications
  • Efficient – 100% conversion of antibody to conjugate with high (>70%) purification yields

 Additional Information

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