MagnaLink™ Amino Magnetic Beads 2.8 µm

Cat.No.: M-1005-010
Size: 1mL at 10 mg/mL
Price: $144.00

Linker-activated beads for easy user-designed immobilization
MagnaLink™ Amino Magnetic Beads provide a high surface area containing primary amino groups to enable easy modification with any water-soluble NHS-ester, such as Solulink's Sulfo-S-4FB linker (Cat. No. S-1008-105). Using Solulink's proprietary linking technology, you can immobilize HyNic-modifed peptides, oligonucleotides, and antibodies. MagnaLink™ Amino Magnetic Beads are 2.8 micron sized, super-paramagnetic, hydrophilic, polymer–encapsulated (no exposed iron), monodispersed microspheres with uniform size distribution and a fast (<2 min) magnetic response time. They are stable in colloidal form and in detergents. The primary amino groups enable easy and efficient reactivity with water-soluble NHS esters. The MagnaLink™ Amino Magnetic Beads are ideal for covalent immobilization of biomolecules for affinity purification applications.



  • User-Designed Scheme – Amine-reactive towards water-soluble NHS-esters
  • High Performance – Supported by high surface area and low nonspecific binding
  • Fast (<2 min) Response Time – Saves time and accommodates viscous samples



  • Design your own beads by reacting with any water-soluble NHS-ester.
  • Automated, high-throughput immobilization processes that use 96-well magnets to affect multiplex binding and separation of defined biomolecules.

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