2- Sulfobenzaldehyde

Cat.No.: S-2005-100
Size: 100 mg
Price: $183.00

2-Sulfobenzaldehyde is a water-soluble aromatic aldehyde reagent used to quantify the molar substitution ratio (MSR) of HyNic-modified proteins or other biomolecules. This aromatic aldehyde reacts with HyNic-modified biomolecules and forms a quantifiable hydrazone absorbance signature at 345 nm (molar extinction coefficient @ 345 nm = 28,500). This signature is used to determine the number of HyNic groups incorporated in a protein or other biomolecule after modification with S-HyNic. S-HyNic-modified proteins or biomolecules can be conjugated to S-4FB-modified biomolecules using Solulink's proprietary linker technology.

Solulink's proprietary linker technology is an innovative, catalyzed, UV-traceable, heterobifunctional linker technology that offers greater efficiency and yield in a considerably simpler method for linking any two biomolecules together e.g. proteins, oligos, or peptides regardless of molecular weight.

  • S-HyNic (succinimidyl-6-hydrazino-nicotinamide) linker is conjugated to biomolecule 1 through primary amines (-NH2) on the amino acid, lysine, or on the N-terminus.
  • S-4FB (succinimidyl-4-formylbenzamide) linker is conjugated to biomolecule 2 through primary amines (-NH2) on the amino acid, lysine, or on the N-terminus.
  • HyNic-modified biomolecule 1 is incubated with 4FB-modified biomolecule 2 in a catalyzed conjugation reaction.

The result is two biomolecules conjugated through a UV-traceable, stable bond (bis-arylhydrazone) with measurable absorbance at 354 nm. 

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