6xHis Tag-HyNic

Cat.No.: SP-E001-005
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Cat.No.: SP-E001-010
Size: 1.0 mg
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Epitope tags are short 10-15 amino acid sequences fused to a recombinant protein to enable surveillance by commonly-available antibodies to the epitope tag. Solulink's PepLink Linkable Peptides enable tagging of non-recombinant proteins with popular epitope tags for immunocytochemistry or cellular trafficking. The linkable HyNic-(His)6 epitope tag provides a non-biotin based, affinity tagging method for the soft-release or detection of tagged non-recombinant proteins.


 Download Paper: "A New Generation of Peptide Conjugation Products"

Solulink's Solution

Solulink applies its proprietary linker technology for conjugation of the epitope tag to non-recombinant proteins. Solulink's PepLink epitope tags are pre-activated with Solulink's HyNic linker and can be readily conjugated to non-recombinant proteins modified with the 4FB linker.

  • S-HyNic (succinimidyl-6-hydrazino-nicotinamide) linker is added to PepLink epitope tag during solid phase synthesis.
  • S-4FB (succinimidyl-4-formylbenzamide) linker is conjugated to your protein of interest with a 4FB reagent.
  • The HyNic-modified PepLink epitope tag is incubated with the 4FB-modified protein to form conjugate.

The result is an epitope tagged-protein conjugate with a UV-traceable, stable bond (bis-arylhydrazone) with measurable absorbance at 354 nm.



  • Specificity – HyNic-peptides link only to 4FB-modified biomolecules
  • Rapid and Efficient - Conjugation and immobilization is stoichiometrically efficient
  • Quantifiable – Conjugate bond is UV-traceable for simple and direct quantification
  • Solution – Alternative to fusion proteins or recombinant technology


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